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Only gardeners know how dangerous is the pests for the garden. There are several types of the pest in a garden in uncountable numbers. Some pests live underground while some others live partly underground and partly on the ground. Therefore, the gardeners become compelled to rush to the online garden accessories shops for chemicals to prevent the pest attack. Cuckoo spit insects, earwigs, flies, leaf-cutting bees, leaf miners, mealybugs, millipedes, and mites are some pests common in many gardens. Cuckoo spit insects are yellow nymphs of the larvae of common froghopper. They generate frothy spittle like masses on the leaves and shoots of roses, campanula, genums, rude back etc. Let’s identify some pests and symptoms of the plants attacked by them.

Earwigs generally attack cauliflowers, dwarf beans, cucumbers, and tomatoes in summer. Dirty places are the source of these insects. You should try to keep your garden clean.

The white larvae of these flies come from the tunnel of into so many root vegetables like turnips, Swedes, radishes. The flies make them useless. Their larvae harm the roots of the newly planted cabbage, brassica seedlings etc.

Carrot flies
The larvae of carrot fly attack the roots of carrot trees. If you find symptoms such as reddening and wilting of foliage, it is nothing but the attack of carrot flies. The victim plants turn into bluish colour and ultimately die. Only gamma-BHC based chemicals can help to kill this insect.

Celery fly

Small white coloured larvae of the flies are the most serious pests of celery. Even they sometimes attack parsnips. They make a tunnel into the leaves and stunt the growth of stalks and hearts.

You may use pest control chemicals to get rid of these pests. Another way of killing the pests is using traps. Numerous traps in various shapes and forms are available at the shops such as rat mouse traps, Blue greenhouse thrip, rat poison box, rodent poison box etc.Elixir Garden Suppliesis an online garden accessories store which provides pest control chemicals and traps at reasonable prices. For more information, reach them at info@elixirgardens.co.uk

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