Seed Trays & Propagation Garden Accessories: Designed to Serve Multi-purposes

When decorating home makes you happy, then why garden should not be decorated? Seed trays and propagation gardening accessories serve you both for decorating your garden and holding your plants firmly and securely. A beautiful garden is a dream of every gardener. You can get an outstanding garden with some simple tools. The most important thing is daily care and keeping your garden organized. Some attractive and useful trays in various designs and sizes are given below including seed and gravel trays with optional cell packs and lids, Garland growbed, Strips inserts, Garland heavy duty plastic seed trays, Full-size gravel tray/water tray etc.

Seed and gravel trays with optional cell packs and lids
Seed and gravel trays are available both in full and half sizes. These trays help the transportation of young saplings and seedlings with a clear lid. These trays help to create mini greenhouse.

Garland growbed The garland grow bed provides under one square metre of growing area. It is made with an internal capacity of holding 230 litres. It is perfect for the crops such as carrots, onions, potatoes etc.

Strips inserts This strip insert is made of thin-walled plastics. It is fit to any British standard seed tray. It is perfect for multiple sowings a limited area. It prevents muddle ups in a way better than the bamboo canes.

Garland heavy duty plastic seed trays Garland heavy duty plastic seed tray can be considered as the strongest and robust in the market. It is manufactured from tough 2 mm injection moulded plastic and a fascinating thing is it is long-lasted.

Full-size gravel tray/water tray A full-size gravel tray is reusable and you will find no holes. You can re-use it if you handle it with care as vacapot or vacapck inserts are used in this gravel tray or water tray.
Elixir Garden Supplies, an online garden accessories store offers seed trays and propagations in various sizes and forms. To know more, call: info@elixirgardens.co.uk

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