Buy Garden Accessories Online And Reuse Again To Be Free Of Garden Waste

Gardeners buy garden accessories online but many of these accessories or parts of these accessories become waste at the end. Simple tricks and creativity can reuse these elements and transform them into beautiful articles. Surprised? Well don’t be surprised. It is not a joke rather a truth. Instead of throwing purchased garden accessories as garden waste, one can make a bonfire out of these. But this act of regular burn of the garden wastes can be harmful for the environment. Then what ways should be adapted?

A gardener may create his own liquid fertilizer for his garden. Steeping cuttings of plants often are found to be spread here and there in a garden. Among them the cuttings of soft plants should be kept in water for a couple of weeks to generate liquid feed. This liquid feed, then, should be diluted and given to the plants. There are plants which are the best to produce liquid feed such as bracken, groundsel, comfrey, clover, chicory, nettles, strawberries, borage so on.

Often fences, bamboo or wood pieces are brought to support the trees .These objects are cut into various shapes suitable for the purpose. Many pieces of fences, bamboos or wood pieces sometimes become garden waste. What to do with them? They can be reused also.

Pieces of woods, bamboos and fences can be colored and placed trickily around flowers and plants to separate on type of flowers and plants from others. For example, one can make a piece of fence blue colored and make it a barrier between red and white flowers. It will catch the attention of the visitors and make the garden beautiful.

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